Camp Rockford 2022, Woods and Wetlands 2022

Visuals: What Whole-Child Learning Looks Like.

Celebrating our success at freeing a living tree from beneath a fallen dead tree. We worked really hard at it for a long time!

When perseverance pays off!

Above: with careful instruction and close supervision, young children can learn to safely use real tools. This heavy, dead tree fell over a smaller living tree, trapping it against the ground. It is important to leave dead trees, branches, and logs in place whenever possible, as they provide critical habitat and food. Once we freed the living tree, allowing it to stand up again, we left the dead one to the millions of tiny living things as it gradually becomes new soil again, courtesy of decomposers.

Above: Reading and writing about real and immediately accessible experiences makes literacy a joy!

Above and below: Shouldn’t THIS be what P.E. and science classes look like?

Below: Learning to be gentle with other living creatures.

Below: Learning about and carefully handling Ms. T’s Nature Treasures.

Above: I trusted this group to pass around delicate snake skins, a fragile egg, a partial muskrat skull, and seriously spiny seed pods. We don’t just tell them to be careful, we show them how. Then, little by little, trust and confidence can grow. Nothing was broken and no one was injured. This is not found in a school curriculum, but is a worthwhile life skill.