Scheduling and Program Options

Choose Your Own Adventure!

Woods and Wetlands for Everyone!

Parents, guardians, group leaders, and teachers may personalize their experience to meet each group’s specific needs! We never know for certain what nature has in store for us on any given day, so I like to remain open to spontaneous learning moments!

Woods & Wetlands just for kids: $10/child, 1.5 hour (min. 5 children, max 1o) Longer programs available upon request.

This experience is the “original” Woods and Wetlands adventure, established in 2009. Parents/guardians drop off children with instructor (Tahlia) at a specific location for 1.5 hours of a fun and educational adventure!

Ages 7 and up.

Includes (but not limited to):

  • using landmarks for orientation
  • identification of plants (including poison ivy, so as to avoid!)
  • wildlife identification & signs.
  • fun facts about nature.
  • play-based learning.
  • open, off-trail exploration in view of adult guide.
  • optional use of nature exploration tools such as magnifiers, nets, critter-catchers, and the like.
  • optional nature journaling or sketching.

Woods & Wetlands for educational groups: $100/classroom 1.5 hour

Scout troops, classrooms, homeschool groups, or custom groupings that include adult chaperones. (One chaperone or teacher attends free of charge.) Educational focus and location of experience may be determined by group leaders in conjunction with W&W guide.

Elementary Age recommended

May include:

  • curriculum topic focus (science-based)
  • Literacy activities such as nature journaling, field-guide usage, high quality fiction and nonfiction text provided by instructor.
  • Guided nature tour of local “wild” spaces.
  • safety in nature (poisonous plant i.d., landmark usage, etc.)
  • open, off-trail exploration

Family Groups: $40/family up to 6 people (adults & children) 1 hour

Parents/guardians who are looking for ways to engage with their children in nature, and would like support and guidance. I can help you learn more about how to get your kiddos outside and make it a fun learning experience! Location choices include local Rockford nature areas, your own private property if appropriate, or Grand Rapids-area nature spaces. (Outside of Rockford, mileage $1/mile driven by instructor.)

May include:

  • Any and all aforementioned topics, customizable!

Just for Kids

Parents and caregivers can drop off explorers at a pre-selected location for up to 1.5 hours of nature play and learning with Tahlia, your Woods and Wetlands educator. $10 per explorer. Minimum 5 students. Maximum 10.


Educational Groups

Classrooms, homeschool groups, scout troops, and other educational groups of explorers meet at a predetermined place to learn about local flora and fauna. Programs can be linked to grade-level curriculum content or left open-ended. $100/classroom up to 30 students. Additional charge for over 30.


Topics & Potential Experiences

Including but not limited to:

  • Landmarks for orientation
  • Safety in nature
  • Plant identification/observation
  • Animal identification/observation
  • Using a compass
  • Tree studies
  • Nature journaling/sketching
  • Temporary nature art
  • Personal connections to nature and self
  • Seasonal studies
  • Study squares and sit spots
  • Seeds
  • Weather
  • Climate
  • Collections (where appropriate)
  • Classification
  • Native/non-native species
  • Safe, appropriate handling (if any) of wild animals such as frogs, toads, salamanders, turtles, snakes)
  • Pretend play
  • Physical exploration, building strength, balance, and confidence
  • Using all of our senses
  • Engineering (forts, habitats, imaginative construction)
  • Patterns in Nature (spiral, sunburst, meandering, branching, alternation, helix, spherical, close-packing)
  • Social/emotional: safe, respectful, responsible, risks, support, trust, cooperation, collaboration, independence, …