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Into the Creek

Today was the day the water was finally low enough to go in. Unfortunately, nine of our explorers were absent due to the federal holiday. I, too, missed today’s outing, as I wasn’t feeling well, but luckily Mrs. Webb saved the day by taking charge, and Principal Hoogerland took my place on a moment’s notice to make sure there were two adults available. They had a grand time and Mrs. Webb sent pictures and descriptions for me to enjoy and share. (HUGE thank you to Mrs. Webb for taking the lead today!!!)

Upon finding raccoon tracks in the mud by the creek, they guessed that it was possibly the same animal who who has been leaving scat on the big log of the logjam bridge. They also looked closely at the patterns of sand ripples on the bottom of the creek and talked about how the moving water created these beautiful patterns, as well as comparing these ripples to snow drifts and the way wind can do much the same thing to snow as water does to sand. The kids also used their nature eyes to practice recognizing poison ivy and showing it to Mr. H.

During snack break Mrs. Webb read to the kids from the book, Around One Log. It is fascinating to look for and discover all of the tiniest visible “critters” that are hard at work under rocks and logs. One of these days I hope to get some of the kids interested in counting and sketching how many different types of creepy-crawlers they can discover and to notice ways in which they are different from each other, such as the number of legs or segments they may have.

Even the main channel of the Rogue River was accessible today! I am so excited for tomorrow with our entire crew of adventurers!


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