Summer Splashes

Playing Pooh Sticks at the bridge. (Reference to the original Winnie the Pooh stories.)

It is delightful to splash in a puddle and squelch in the mud when one is dressed for just that purpose!

They stayed dry for about 3 minutes, tops. The creek temperature was pleasant on a hot day!
There are several methods for crossing, but it’s fun (and healthy) to challenge our balance!

The stream was loaded with gorgeous and perfectly crafted spider webs that caught the occasional sun beams. We admired them and tried not to walk through them.
Balancing on logs is an excellent way to develop kids’ vestibular systems.
He was right at home in the woods and creek!
He found a snail!
I am sure the kids’ collective noise scared away most animals but this snail wasn’t going anywhere quickly. We admired its funny eyeballs that pop out and pull back in.

We walked upstream and downstream to see what we could discover. There was a lot of splashing, slipping, falling, and laughing!

By the time we were about to head back we all had wet feet anyway so we just took off our shoes and socks to feel the cold water and squishy sand under our bare toes.

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