Woods and Wetlands 2019

Last Day of Spring W&W

I wish tree-climbing was a playground and recess option! It is so beneficial in so many ways!
The “portal” apple tree that drapes over the entrance to the woods is done blooming and ready to begin forming tiny, wild apples.
Just 20 minutes in nature can reduce stress and create calm. I love that this is a no-screen-zone!
Friends climbing trees together learn to take turns, solve problems, and build trust.
I. enjoying the nature-made “hammock.”
The more opportunities kids have to climb and try, the better their balance, brain development, and confidence. I was nearby but not hovering. When adults use that time to verbalize their own fears, it can negatively affect kids who are hearing a message that says, “I don’t trust you to do this thing.” We must trust our kids if we want them to trust themselves and keep trying!
Ferns continue to mystify and amaze me! I have read the science, but I love the magic too!
Cattail plants are now taller than we are.


Mmm, skunk cabbage!


I asked A. about what he was doing as I noticed him picking and chipping bark off of a dead stump. He was able to identify that not only were there cool bugs underneath, but that it was, “just really satisfying,” to do! I love that he knew it was okay to just do it because it felt good.


We spent the last 15 minutes in The Enchanted Forest. There is still so much to explore out there!
We checked the water temperature.


Some of the kids played hide-and-seek for a while.
Kids need sticks to play with. If we let them try and teach them how to be careful, they can do it.

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