Woods and Wetlands 2018

Learning Happens!

A, “new,” fort tree in the swamp. They were so pleased with their discovery!
E. uses the springy branches that surround the Fairy Tree to pull himself up and become part of what the kids started calling, “The Guardians,” because they, “guard the Fairy Tree.”
D. was elated to find this mysterious looking little cave beneath a fern island. We examined it for some time.
These 3 first graders collected a number of cattails from the swamp and then gathered around at the end of class to make sure everyone had the same amount.
I kept to myself the secret that they were doing math in the woods by dividing the cattails into equal shares. I love this sort of learning.  They decided on it based on their own interests and natural impulses.  Something that can be added by the teacher after the fact is the vocabulary to describe their work as, “equal shares,” “dividing,” or “thirds.”  No formal math lesson needed here!  They are also practicing the concepts of sharing and equality with their friends.

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