Woods and Wetlands 2017

Stick Play and A Magic Tree

This is a great way to enter the woods… once it actually gets icy.  This is mostly just dry snow and dirt.  But that doesn’t get in the way of kids who want to have fun!
The expressing of cattails never seems to get old.
Look how happy they are out in the snow being kids!
They played with sticks for at least half an hour.  No one got hurt.  No one got mad.  They took turns carefully pretending to jab at and whack each other, grinning and laughing, taking care to not actually hurt each other.  I watched and learned.

If it can be climbed, they will climb it.

Trying to unlock the magic portal with a cattail.

This was clearly a magical tree.  With S’s help, we named it Gandalf.
The  Magic Portal.

B. followed bunny tracks all over the swamp.
The muck has not yet frozen.  We talked about how the snow is an insulator.

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