Woods and Wetlands 2017

Is It Time to Hibernate?

M. discusses how and tries to make a fire with a stick rubbing quickly against another stick.  It did get warm, but the patience and know-how wasn’t entirely there, which was fine since we aren’t really allowed to start fires out there!
Some of the kids found a natural shelter and covered the muck with sticks while finding small islands to sit on.  B. pointed out that once the muck freezes the sticks will freeze into it creating a nice floor.  I asked them for predictions on how many days it would take at a similar temperature (around 27 degrees) for the muck to freeze solid.  Guesses ranged from 1-4 days.  We shall see!
L. reclines and looks up at the snowflakes falling from the sky.  He stayed there for a while, quiet and peaceful.

Blurry photo but cool tree growing out of an old stump.
L. found a place he likes to sit.  He brought me over to show me and I immediately noticed the poison ivy vine hanging right in front of his face!  I urged him to find a different spot or be extremely careful!  Crossing the poison ivy vine is a wild grapevine, (the one he is touching.)
The Fairy Tree is ready for winter.
Woodpeckers have been finding food in the Fairy Tree.  We wondered if anything was living in those holes yet.
B. and I discussed the temperature in the swamp and how it is usually a couple degrees warmer than everywhere else nearby.

I reminded them that just because there was snow dusting the top didn’t mean the muck was ready to be stepped on.  A few had to test that out for themselves.  

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